What are customers saying about the Oly Mountain Fish Compost.


As a life-long gardener and professional landscaper, I value quality soils and composts, and the role that good soils play in supporting healthy plant life. The Oly Mountain Fish Compost provides a rich planting medium for new beds, and a good amendment for existing landscapes. It retains moisture and provides much needed nutrients that enable the plants to establish healthy root systems. The Oly Mountain products promote sustainable landscape standards in the green industry. The fact that they are produced locally with regional products reduces waste in our landfills, fuel consumption, and the need to apply synthetic fertilizers. They also encourage recycling of all our natural resources in the Puget Sound area. We use these local products exclusively in our landscape installation and encourage our customers to do the same. We can sincerely endorse Oly Mountain Composts for the role they play in the landscape industry, for businesses as well as homeowners.”

— Marcia Hestead Out of the House Landscaping, Inc.


We use the Oly Mountain Organic Compost 2-3 times a year to mulch landscape beds, both ornamental and edible. Applying the compost in early spring and fall allows the soil to maintain a warmer temperature. In the summer, it keeps the subsoil and plants cooler. It also retains moisture, prevents weed growth, protects against erosion and compaction, and provides an even top dress that is both functional and aesthetic. The rich brown color of these composts also provide a beautiful contrast to our plant pallets. As a professional landscaper and small business owner I appreciate the value of North Mason Fiber Company’s products and their commitment to the environment, our community, and local businesses.”

—Mike Hudson Hudson’s Stone & Landscapes, Inc.

Oly Mountain Fish Compost makes an absolutely superior compost product. We spend a lot of time, energy and resources on our yard and after trying countless compost type products over the years, nothing has delivered the same level or performance that Oly Mountain has. Our plants have never looked so full and vibrant. I was surprised at the weed prevention we have seen also – we did a comparison with one patch of our yard and we were amazed at the difference. Hands down, Oly Mountain will be our product of choice in the years to come!”

—Lexi Clayton

I have used Oly Mountain Compost both in areas on my lawn with seed and also as compost in areas where I have plants. First, it looks so much better than using bark and then I feel like it is a miracle worker that makes things grow like magic! I would like to spread it across my entire lawn and the beginning and end of each season because I know I would then have the best looking grass in the neighborhood! I know it is not technically meant as a fertilizer, but it works for this as well. I love this product and appreciate how much better it makes my plants and yard look! And my dog didn’t eat it!”

—Carey Early