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Folks say nice things about OlyFish Compost!

testimonial_pic2My husband and I purchased a very large collection of Japanese Maples early in 2012; some of our trees were suffering from water stress and nutrient deficiencies and were in need of fresh planting medium.

We knew that we wanted to go organic and after meeting Katie Bach at Oly Mountain Fish we decided to work with them on a custom mix for our trees. Working with Katie, we came up with an 80/20 blend of aged native hardwood mulch and the organic fish compost. The aged bark holds moisture, yet drains well and the fish compost seemed like a natural, as Japanese maples respond very well to the available micro-nutrients. We also loved the fact that they were a local company, this is very important to us.

We could not be happier with our choice! We made the daring decision to re-pot in July, figuring that some of the trees would just not survive if not done as soon as possible. We were amazed at how well they responded to the new planting mix. The trees immediately started putting out a flush of new leaves and we saw tremendous root development within weeks. Even though we went through an extended dry, hot period this summer and fall our trees are thriving once again!

Everyone at Oly Mountain Fish has been great to work with and we recommend the bagged compost to every customer who shops with us, we are hearing great things from them as well regarding their plants and gardens this year.
We also use the bagged compost in our landscape installations to great effect, we consider ourselves customers for life…Tracey and Len Kosenski
Natures Tapestry Landscapes LLC

And F.W. Byles Co. Nursery